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Luke's Legacy Foundation Wellness Waggin'

Luke's Legacy Foundation's mobile Wellness Waggin' provides medical & dental care for every budget across Monterey County and San Benito County! We seek to end the suffering and death of underserved dogs and cats through accessible & affordable care. We currently assess dogs and cats on a case-by-case basis to determine the suggested donation for services based on owners' financial needs. An exam is required before any medical/dental procedure can be scheduled. The Wellness Waggin' offers $35 wellness exams with our highly-trained veterinary team team! Please see our clinic calendar below & call 925-895-8531 to make an appointment for your animal in need! 

Please note, the Wellness Waggin' does not accept dogs or cats older than 8 years old and/or pets with previously known, pre-existing health conditions! All surgeries require a non-refundable deposit! Pets MUST be spayed and neutered to be eligible for any treatment aboard the Waggin', otherwise spay/neuter will be done in conjunction with the treatment. 





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